Vinyasa Yoga, what is this style?

Vinyasa Yoga, what is this style?

Uniyoga provides different styles of yoga practice. One of Claudia’s favourites is Vinyasa.

But what is Vinyasa yoga ?

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means, movement in a sequencing poses. This is another style of yoga practice where the instructor guides you by linking the postures with the breath in a continuous flow in a quicker pace coordinating your breathing with the movement.  This is why Vinyasa Yoga is sometimes also called Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Flow. This type of classes are designed to be challenging; weaving balance and standing postures together. This allows for a lot of variety and is centered around the strong foundation of Sun Salutations.

7 Reasons to Practice Vinyasa Yoga

1. You stay focused by going with the flow.

2. It’s all about variety.

3. You can find your perfect yoga class.

4. It pushes you to your limits.

5. It gives you great cardio.

6. It’s perfect for beginners.

7. Vinyasa yoga is fun!


Vinyasa Flow is Perfect For…

  • Individuals with a strong Yoga practice
  • Individuals who like to challenge themselves physically and mentally
  • If the words Vinyasa and Chaturanga mean something to you
  • Active individuals seeking balance, strength, and flexibility on and off the Yoga mat
  • Come along and join Claudia for a nice challenging Vinyasa class every Tuesday at 7:35pm and Thursday at 7:50am and experience this fast paced class for yourself. Stretch and strengthen your mind, body, and heart in our Vinyasa offering, Click here to register!

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