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Loving kindness meditation to cope with anxiety

This type of mindfulness is used to help people be kinder to themselves as well as more compassionate to others. Meditation has been shown to be […]
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Yoga exercises to strengthen your Immune System

Do you know that all Yoga exercises can help you to get rid of the stress, combat anxiety and boost your immune system? Stress is one […]

Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana ( 2nd Chakra)

Last time, we discussed the first of the physical chakras, the Muladhara, and how it governs safety, stability, and security. This time, let’s discuss the domains […]

Guided Meditation: Connect with Your True Essence

Guided Meditation for everyone. Guided meditation is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner or […]

Vinyasa Yoga, what is this style?

Uniyoga provides different styles of yoga practice. One of Claudia’s favourites is Vinyasa. But what is Vinyasa yoga ? Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means, […]