Restorative Yoga and the stress response

Restorative Yoga and the stress response

How Restorative yoga can help you

We live in a tension-charged, fast-paced world that is full of demands and complexities that have caused the stress level of the people of our society to reach epidemic proportions. Stress is simply defined as “a factor that creates a mental, emotional, or physical strain.” It is “a state of unresolved tension arising from the pressures, irritations, and demands of life.” Stress often produces a sense of anxiety, irritability, frustration, restlessness and depression. It creates a feeling of hopelessness and disillusionment which undermines a person’s sense of purpose, direction and meaning in life. Stress can keep you from realizing your potential and fulfilling your life’s purpose. There are a number of things that contribute to stressful living, especially in our society today.

Mental and emotional fatigue, Suppressed immune function, Drug and alcohol dependency, Loss of appetite, Physical weariness, High blood pressure, Frequent headaches/Migraines • Stomach problems, Heart rate irregularities, Ulcers • Hypertension • Sleep disorders/Insomnia • Disordered eating patterns

The unrelenting pressures of contemporary life, the constant challenges and deadlines of our
fast-paced society, the ever-changing state of our unstable world, and the fear and
uncertainties concerning the future contribute to stressful living. Global urbanization,
competition and the spread of technology have created a world in which access to information
has become an obligation and necessity. People are now held accountable for their actions and
whereabouts 24/7 and they are losing both their privacy and “down time”. In addition, we are
continually under assault on a physical level, with our environment filled with never before
seen levels of toxicity. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, our bodies are under siege
by the toxins and chemicals we have introduced into our cities, homes, water, and land. All of
these factors contribute to the host of destructive symptoms which have an effect on us
mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Listed below are a few of the symptoms:
• Mental and emotional fatigue
• Suppressed immune function
• Drug and alcohol dependency
• Loss of appetite
• Physical weariness
• High blood pressure
• Frequent headaches/Migraines
• Stomach problems – IBS
• Heart rate irregularities
• Ulcers
• Hypertension
• Sleep disorders/Insomnia
• Disordered eating patterns

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