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Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-Cellulite massage is a technique designed to reduce cellulite and help the body to detox by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This hands-on treatment uses stroking, kneading and rhythmic motions to loosen fatty tissues and smooth out the skin’s surface.

Cellulite is detectable by the bumpy “orange peel” look of the skin on the fleshy areas of the body. It is caused by the accumulation of toxic deposits in the fatty tissues. Massage can really assist the process of slowing down the accumulation and smoothing the skin. Although, it might not remove completely as the results will depend on your diet and activities as well.

This anti cellulite massage technique is also combined with specially chosen essential oils known for their properties that help combat cellulite and tools such as cupping suction, bamboo rolls and hot stones. This can be either a full-body massage or a massage targeted at a specific area of the body. Common target areas include the legs, buttocks, and upper arms.
A series of these massages over a few weeks is recommended to obtain best results. Check our special prices for Packages of 5, 6 and 10 sessions.

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