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Yoga at Lunchtime – Give yourself a time to switch off from work

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Yoga at Lunchtime – Give yourself a time to switch off from work

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Yoga at Lunchtime

In today’s society, we are often very busy, over-stimulated and overworked. People can find it difficult to juggle work life, family life, social life, nutrition & exercise.

Spending your lunchtime doing some yoga is an excellent way to fit some exercise into your busy day! Not only is the practice of yoga excellent for your body, it is also an excellent way to look after your mental health.

See some benefits below;

  1. Improves mental clarity: exercise has been proven to improve memory, creative and mental focus. You can save your more difficult tasks until the afternoon & tackle them with ease after your Yoga Class.
  2. It improves your mood: Exercise is a powerful tool to manage your low mood, it helps deal with difficult emotions. The deep breathing work we work on in yoga also helps to get you out of an anxious/ stressed state and activate the calmer parts of your nervous system to help build resilience and tackle the difficult situations that may be arising at work.
  3. Improved digestion: in yoga, we focus on a lot of twists, which are great for focusing on detoxifying and boosting digestion. This means your body has more energy to apply to alternate things if it doesn’t have to put so much work into trying to digest all that lunch/ coffee you have consumed!
  4. Prevents work-related aches and pains- Many of us spend 7-8 hours a day at a desk. This means our spine, hips and arms often suffer stiffness or tight muscles. In yoga we regularly fully move our joints through their full range of motion, allowing the supporting muscles to relax and encouraging the health of your joints!

Now that the sun has come out after what seems like an endless winter, it’s time to get your mind and body fit and limber for the summer months! At Uniyoga Dublin Wellness, we have a range of classes, therapies and workshops from which you can choose. Among our most popular events are our Dublin city yoga and pilates classes.

We feature in it for our quick 45-minute lunchtime classes.

Lunchtime classes are a great way of getting some of your weekly exercises!


Our yoga room is located just across from St Stephens Green Shopping Centre

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