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The 5 Vayus – Prana flowing into the body

Prana is the one life force that permeates all living things and in fact all matter.  Though there are 49 distinct prana vayus or types of vayus […]

Prevent back pain practicing Pilates

The Pilates exercises in this set are frequently recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain, including low back pain. They strengthen core support for the […]

Yoga to strengthen core muscles

Yoga to strengthen core muscles Build strength through the belly, side waist, glutes and back with core strengtheners for those of us who don’t have all […]

How Pilates Can Relieve Back Pain

Back pain? Pilates is a good option Have you ever suffer from lower back pain during your life, or know someone in your family? Pilates or […]

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What people say about UniYoga Dublin

  • After a very long and stressful week I attended Claudia's Restorative Yoga class on a Friday evening and came out floating! A really lovely experience, I would highly recommend it. Perfect wind down and start to the weekend. Also, the room smelled divine. 😊
    Claire K
  • I highly recommend to join Uniyoga Dublin and Claudia’s classes to everyone! Every week, I am looking forward to join her classes and to learn new things! To work hard but also having a great relaxation in the end. The atmosphere of the classes is great and you don’t have to worry if like me you are not a Yoga expert! She helps you from the first moment you step in on your mat and makes you feel very comfortable and confident. She is amazing!
    Daiana F.
  • Claudia's classes are just the best! She helps you to relax not only on the physical level but mentally as well! I couldn't recommend her classes enough!
  • Claudia's classes are excellent!! Her classes suit both beginners and those with experience. What I like most about her classes is that she may start with a simple posture and then provide more advanced techniques so her students can develop their flexibility and strength according to their level. You will feel comfortable no matter what level you are.
    Luciana R.
  • Claudia is an amazing teacher that makes you comfortable with your practice. She does really nice lessons where she mixes meditation and yoga flow.
    Diego Luca
  • Claudia really is an excellent teacher and her classes in Belarmine are brill. I always feel relaxing after her yoga practice and Yoganidra, special after a stressed day.
    Emmet D.
  • Absolutely Brilliant!!! With Claudia’s class is how I charge my energy!!! Thanks a million for every class, they are amazing. Looking forward for weekly class! Full of challenges and peace!!!
    Adriana Calvo
  • Fantastic teacher she really makes you work hard but also the relaxation is great at the end I wish I could do a class daily amazing.
    Lisa C.
  • Claudia is a superb teacher. Gives everyone appropriate one on one time. Excellent value and brilliant location.
    Frank T.
  • Fantastic teacher, fantastic location, gorgeous bright studio and excellent value to look after your mind, body and spirit. Thank you Claudia - I'll be back.
    Grace D.
  • I started yoga unsure of my abilities and feeling stressed and busy. Now I enjoy the classes so much I wish there were more ! Claudia is an amazing teacher and has helped me better in both body & mind.
    Michelle K.