Guided Meditation: Connect with Your True Essence

Guided Meditation: Connect with Your True Essence

Do you have anxiety episodes throughout the day? Learn to relax and to manage anxiety with this 10-minute deep relaxation in Shavasana (corpse pose).  Throughout the relaxation, you will experience becoming the relaxed observer of your own breath to help you create distance from whatever is causing anxiety. At the end of the relaxation practice you can sense your whole body resting, inviting a new sense of ease.

Find a place of supportive ease as you soften the grip of the body and become aware of the breath in this guided meditation. Anchor the mind in a focus of the sensation and movement of your breath with the option to use a mantra. With relaxed effort, you can begin to sense an inner connection to your deepest self, your own true essence.

Choose one of the options of guided meditation or maybe give a try to all, every day listening one.



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